RBOY apps Can't install [SOLVED]

(Sir) #1
  1. I paid via paypal.
  2. Received my username and password via email.
  3. Followed the instructions on their site which states:
    “Click on the Smart App you want to install, it will open a new window with the code, select all (Ctrl+A) and copy the code (Ctrl+C)”

When I click on the link it takes me here: https://smartthings.rboyapps.cm/#a3,
then this page take me here: hsmartthings.rboyapps.c
then it take me back to square one, which is: smartthings.rboyapps.c*m/InstallSA.htm.

There are no actual installation instruction or am I missing something?

In the guide on https://smartthings.rboyapps.com/InstallSA.htm.
the first instruction talks about a code I can’t get receive from the link, it take me to another page. I can’t move to step 6 without this code. I checked my email and there’s no code there. I paid for the software and sent an email no response yet.

Someone please help.

(Joel W) #2

Go to this addressRboysapps Then when you click on the app or device type it will pop up a page to fill in your password

(Sir) #3

I did that. After I put in my username and password it takes be back to the front end of the website, no codes displayed or backend for user account management. I just get the the regular web pages as before from rboy.

(Sir) #4

I found it. The website HTML is old school. The codes are hyper linked in a text file after you click on the hyper links.