RBoy App configure users not working

I have the RBoy SmartApp for my door lock and I was just changing a code in my configured users to put myself at the top of the list and my guests which are temporary below that. Well I didn’t change my old one and when the app realized I had two configured users with the same name and code it freaked out and won’t let me back into the “configure users” part to fix it. When I click on “configure users” it just spins and nothing opens.

Be sure to tag @RBoy - though even better, contact him via the official Support email that is provided to his App subscribers.


This makes the third thread you have created for the same question. :frowning:


When you purchased your license from @RBoy , that included support from them. See their support page, as they are the best ones to help you.


Could be the platform running slow and timing out. Update to the latest version and it should be fine, we’ve made performance and other improvements to deal with a slow platform and handle error situations more gracefully.
The latest version will warn you if you have duplicate users and highlight the duplicate ones so you can go in and change them.

If you’re still having issues feel free to email us.


Thank you! The update fixed it

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