Ratings and Reviews in the Smartthings Shop


I would like to see a consumer ratings scale out of 5 and a comments box in the Smartthings Shop on all items for sale.

I would like to give my own Reviews and Experiences to help new users.

So far I could add reviews on GE Switches 4.5/out of 5, GE Dimmers 3/ out of 5, Smartthings Multi 4.5/ out of 5, Siren 4/ out of 5 with comments and experiences on each.

I had to go to Amazon to read reviews on many items before I committed to Smartthings.

(Emily Michels) #3

Hi @Kooltaco,

I’m happy to hear you request this feature. We are currently working through some design updates for our Shop to improve user experience. One of the features we will likely be adding is a reviews section on the product details page. Stay tuned!

UX Designer


Thanks for the Reply!!!
I look forward to seeing your work Emily. :smile: