Raspberry Pi3 with android and ST mobile app?

I was gonna buy an android tablet for my wall to use ST app, but i have 21" overleft touch screen laying around, so i thought i would install android in to raspberry pi and try if ST app would work.

Any1 else thought this and managed to get it working ?

Just install any good browser on it (edit: on the RPi) in kiosk mode then run Action Tiles or SharpTools. You’ll have a much better ‘dashboard’ that is orders of magnitude more customizable especially on a ‘large format’ device.

Im familiar with these paid 3rd party desktops, dont want to go there…

To each his/her own - the app doesnt look all that great in landscape mode though and large format will leave a ton of unused space.

@tontze - I was there with you, right up until I wasn’t. I ended up buying Sharpertools during a black friday sale. I am so much happier with it than ST dashboard.