Raspberry Pi monitoring multiple contact / motion sensors

I am pretty new to this but I was able to connect an existing alarms hardwired contact and motion sensors into a raspberry pi gpio, and through Webiopi have the tiles show up within the smarthings through the device handler. My ignorance is keeping me from having the security smartapp monitoring those contact/motions sensors as part of its system. I can add the raspberry pi as a contact sensor but how do I let it monitor the 5 contacts within it? any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.

You could take a look at Daniel’s code. https://github.com/DanielOgorchock/ST_Anything/tree/master/Groovy/ST_Anything_Alarm_Panel

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GPIO contact types are a standard thing in free Domoticz software that you can run on the Raspberry, just select GPIO and "contact"as type, then select the correspoding pin. If you have it controlled by this software you can have the devices exposed into Smartthings by using http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Domoticz_Server it will let you select the contact type devices.

Thanks a lot Mr. Verbeek got it up and running! great job!