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@cl0udninja I put port back to where it was, changed to manual IP handler and it’s working. Thanks again as always.

Manual IP works… I never had any luck with the UPnP

Wondering if anyone else runs into issues with low memory using Raspberry Pi monitor? Finished installing this yesterday and over the course of last night it’s been a steady decline. I’m still fairly new to Raspberry Pi so I’m not sure what the lowest amount I can go to is but I’m currently at 232 MB.

I haven’t monitored that but I just added it and will let you know what I see.

@cl0udninja I have been messing around with your DHT script. This one…

But it doesn’t seem to work.

I edited src/main/java/com/cl0udninja/raspberrypi/monitor/service/ to point to my and the json output seems to to be off.


It appends the C and seems to ruin the parsing. Am I doing something wrong ?

I’m not sure which TemperatureService you’re using, but it returns a DTO that defines what the JSON looks like coming from the Pi. You can check the format by either looking at your live logging on the smartthigns ide or just call the url on your pi directly in your web browser. The DH is set to handle a json load that looks like:

  "celsius": celsiusInDouble,
  "fahrenheit": fahrenheitInDouble

It’s in the parse function. If your rest payload from the Pi looks different then the above you need to modify the pars funciton in the DH do fit your needs.

I hope this helps

I got it. only outputs temperature: so I had to tinker with the DTO to produce the right number.