Range of ecolink zwave plus door sensors

Wondering why the ecolink zwave plus sensors only list 100 feet for the range, which is exactly what they listed the regular zwave ones. The monoprice sensors list 100feet indoor and 100m outdoors. Was Ecolink just lazy or can anyone confirm one way or another?

I’d actually like to put one in my dad’s plastic mailbox which is about 100 feet from the the house (and the hub is right in that corner of the house). I’ll end up experimenting but wanted to ask in case anyone knew for sure…

I put a monoprice + door sensor in my plastic mailbox. It’s about 80’ from the house. Hub is the closest thing to it. Depending on the time of day, it works or it doesn’t. Before I installed it I walked out and checked every ten feet. It started getting flaky about 10 feet away. I am going to install a GE + wall switch for my garage light, and if that doesn’t fix the issue I have an outlet box on the corner of my garage I will replace, That will get me within 50’.