Random turn ons with wemo bulbs

i have one bulb that I just acquired from Belkin as a replacement for a defective one. This new one (which I manually reset when I received it in the mail and added it to my smartthings set up, turns itself on every morning at 2:27 AM. There are no rules in effect for it.

I used to have 12 bulbs running with the wemo link. I have since purchased a smartthings hub and reset my bulbs and converted them to smartthings devices.

I have experienced random turn on’s in the past over the last year or so when bulbs are connected to the wemo link. however with smart things I can now see what time it happens.

Even though I have manually reset, I am still getting random turn on’s with the smart things hub and also with the wemo link.

Any explanations why a newly reset bulb comes on by itself everyday at 2:27am?

Again this bulb has no rules attached to it. Could it be that I received a used one and the previous owner had a rule set up for this time? That should not happen though because I manually reset it.

Do the Cree LEDs have this problem are they more dependable?

Using your app (or IDE) look at this wemo device (Things/device name) and select the tab “Smartapp”. Anything there?? Try to remove the device? If anything/app is associated with it you will get an error. Rules/routines are not stored in the bulb. Previous owner, if that was the case. would make no difference
The fact that it is coming on each day at the same time is very suspicious. I am betting the farm on a rogue routine/app :smiley:

I clicked on the device in the things category. Then I clicked on smart apps. And there are no smart apps installed for this device. I thought things would get better when I switched from the WeMo link to smart things. I still get random turn ons with the same “problem” bulbs that I had linked with the wemo link.

I have had about 12 wemo LED bulbs for the last year and a half. Most of them worked fine with the remote link. And those that behave still work fine with smart things. It’s just a few renegade bulbs that want to do their own thing I’ve had them replaced through RMA’s with Belken most of them give me the same results. Random turn on’s.

For now, I have created a smart app to turn them off one minute after they have turned on so that they’re not on all night in the middle the night.

Are Cree bulbs any better? I also have 2 lifx bulbs that work fine with SmartThings.

Thanks, Eric

Try moving the renegade bulb to another lamp socket and/or outlet. Preferably a different circuit as well. Alternatively, swap a well behaved bulb with a renegade and vice versa. Does the good/bad become bad/good? Could the circuit which the LEDS are connected experiencing power surge/spikes? You want to determine whether a bad bulb misbehaves regardless of where it is located within your house. If it does… I am stumped

Only time I have my wemo bulbs turn on is when there is a power outage.