Random sound on single event

Is there a method for playing a single file randomly from a playlist each time a specific event is triggered?I can’t recall if this is possible with Obything, but I prefer to leave my MacBook closed.
I’m currently using a custom audio file for a particular event, but it would be sweet if ST could play one of many files for the same event.

With ObyThing, you can choose from playlists, so you could just put the one file into a playlist of its own. It should also be possible to do this with a Sonos or any DLNA speaker using the Generic Media Renderer, if you don’t have an always on Mac.

I’m not sure I follow. I have a specific event for which I would like ST to randomly select one of several audio files. Each time that one event is triggered you would hear only one of the files from the Sonos, so you wouldn’t keep hearing the same audio clip everyday.

This is a novelty use case for me - when the cave is fired up for movies or gaming a short sample is played to set the mood, and I’m wanting to keep it from being repetitive. I’m not sure your recommendation addresses this - or I missed something.

Ah yes, the play list of various random large dogs barking…

I overwrote those with custom files hosted on Amazon.

Oh, I didn’t quite understand. No, I don’t think any of these will handle that use case now.