Random changes to device drivers


I’ve been noticing last few days many devices are randomly changing their drivers with no way to revert them back.

2 examples

  1. The weather device suddenly changed to LAN Thing. There’s no option to change it back to a weather driver
  2. Some my virtual presence sensors suddenly changed to LAN Thing.
  3. One of the motion sensor devices changed to a random edge zwave driver (the custom Masquerade driver). I was able to change this back.

I don’t see any way to get the virtual presence sensors back or the weather device back.

Also seeing that drivers are unable to create new edge child devices either.

Daily I have devices and apps disappearing, drivers changing, routines stop working, etc.

So frustrating that something that’s been working fine for years just stops.

What alternatives are there at this point to ST?

Hi, @RBoy

What are you referring to as the “weather device”? I don’t see an official driver about that in the repo

How did you create those virtual devices, were they still using Groovy? I saw something similar happened for those virtual devices created using the IDE

Was it using a driver before?

Yes, we saw your report and already mentioned it to the team since we heard about it in another thread as well.

Yes it’s the official weather device/tile. It was groovy initially but then I’m reasonably sure it migrated to edge. I don’t know the driver because I never noted it, but this is a ST device. It had some updates made to it a few months ago where they added UV index and more features to it. I don’t see the driver listed either which is why I’m confused.

Yes I think they were originally groovy but they had migrated to some virtual edge driver automatically and was working fine until a few days ago.

Yes, the Zwave Sensor driver I believe

ok, @RBoy
can you provide:

  1. Name of virtual presence sensors that changed to LAN thing
  2. Name of the motion sensor devices that changed to the Masquerade driver

I found the weather station device.