Random alerts saying device is offline but doesn't appear to be offline

I have an ecolink firefighter z-wave device that I’ve had zero trouble with until the past month or so. I randomly get a message from the app that it’s offline. After a few hours I’ll get a message that it’s online. When I look in the app the device looks fine. It’s not showing offline in the app either. I used the API browser and it appears to be fine there as well.

So can anyone tell me what’s going on?

I am using the Edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo.


@norsedakotan I have been seeing the same issue with my -zwave ecolink firefighter within the past month as well.

Well that’s interesting. Are you also using @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's edge driver too? I didn’t want to add to his edge driver topic, but maybe it’s something he needs to look at?

I am using that driver

Hi @Terri_Baker @norsedakotan

Have you tried changing the wake up interval in preferences?

Default is 4 hours, worked fine when done.
I don’t know if they have changed something in the offline handler of the firmware at some point. There are more users complaining about these random offline notifications on other devices as well.

You can lower the interval up to 1 hour.

To change the interval you have to wake up devuce manually.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo my wake up and reports interval is already set to 1 hour.

It may show 1 hour in preferences, but the device may not have saved it.

Try changing it by waking up the device for a moment before sending the new information.

I’m sorry, how do I wake up the device?

I think you just open and close the case. This is from the user manual

Wake-Up Notification

The sensor will wake up every so often to send a Wake-Up Notification to allow the life line master node controller that the sensor is now available for any queued messages that the controller may have for the sensor. The time between Wake-Up Notifications can be configured with the Wake-Up Notification command class to be between 1 hour and 1 week with interval steps of 200 seconds. The sensor will also send a wakeup notification whenever the case is closed.

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Ok I can try that. Have you done this yet on yours with any luck?

I haven’t had a chance yet

The last time I got a notification that the device came back online, I immediately went into settings, verified it was set to 1 for wake up and then hit save. It hasn’t gone offline since. This has been about 5 days ago now.

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