Raleigh, NC Folks - make sure to check your devices when purchasing at Lowes

I know this can happen with just about anything and anywhere, but apparently someone around here is buying some of the GE dimmer switches, swapping them out for the cheaper auxiliary switches, and then returning them to Lowes.
I just went to the Cary Lowes on Maynard St, and thought I got lucky to find one of the new LED compatible GE 12724 Dimmers in stock. Turns out, it was a return and it actually had the $20 aux. switch (12723) inside instead - when I took it back, the girl at the return desk said it isn’t the first time it had happened.

Sometimes, people really suck.


This happened to me at Home depot in Garner, NC. It’s lame. Now I don’t buy unless its unopened.