RainWave 4-zone watering system, modify?

I have a RainWave 4-zone watering system. It’s pretty good. The zones are independent, it attaches to a standard spigot and uses regular hoses, it’s been reliable for a couple years now.

It occurs to me that any electrically controlled watering system would have the same basic layout; the manifold for this system therefore includes, very simply, four electronically controlled on-off valves. And therefore, it should be relatively straightforward to hook that manifold to a different controller.

Anyone with thoughts to share, please chime in. Meanwhile, its time for me to do some research :slight_smile:

Look for Arduino and thing shield. Or you could go raspberry. What you want to do is hook the valves to a relay. The relays controlled by the Arduino or raspberry which is controlled by ST.

I am working on A 5 zone or raised bed valve system now. Using a rapsberry that converts talks to a Arduino via RF.

St send http post commands to raspberry which fires the python to task Arduino, it’s complicate but I can add another Arduino easily to do other stuff and if I move from ST , I still have a usually web based remote.