Rain8Net Irrigation Control

Rain8Net Irrigation

TCP/IP Serial WebBridge

NodeJS: nodejs/lib/rain8net.js
SmartApp: apps/rain8net.groovy
Device Type: devices/sprinklerZone.groovy

Using the web service bridge this application manages your sprinkler schedule. With the following features

  • Schedule a time and any number of days of the week to water
  • Enter the duration for each zone
  • Inhibit watering by virtual rain gauge based on zip code
  • Pausing watering by contact sensors being placed in the open state with user definable duration
  • Allowing you to pause a zone, doing so automatically delays 30 minutes
  • Switch for each zone


Performed a major update today to address a number of issues. I have fully tested and it is now working with all pauses. This code can be easily adapted to be used with any web service based irrigation control system, or you can modify the nodejs code too an get it to work with any networkable irrigation controller.