Rain based trigger?

Hi, All I want is a trigger that will close my windows shutter if rain is expected (probabilty greater than 50%) in the next hour. There used to be Accuweather SmartApp but i cannot find it any more. With WebCore together with Weather Tile 2.0 I was not able to find no piston capability that related to rain probabilty. Please advise…


Thank You Eric ,
But I’m from the H/W and don’t know how to use this . Can You please advise how to use it with WebCore ? Do I need a special SmartApp ? Can I define a Piston ? Please help…

This piston should work, or something like it. As for installing webCoRE you will have to follow the instructions. You can also ask in the webCoRE forum.

Thank you so much :+1:… I follow the instructions and successfully installed WebCore and used your suggested piston it works :+1: Few questions :

  1. If I want that nothing will happen if no rain is expected (your else part) , can I just change line 36 from Open to Cancel or just remove the else part ?
  2. Is there a way to know what is the actual Probability_of_Precipitation (show it , print it , other way ) ?

Please advise

If you want nothing to happen in the else, just click on the “with” command in the else and hit delete. You can send emails and text messages, you should see a “+ add new task” line right below the close.

Hi I live in Israel.
Do i need to change anything ? Also can you suggest how to test if this working or not ?
The P.O.P yesterday was 50% according to AccuWeather , still noting happen … What can be wrong ?