Radio Thermostat

Does anyone know when the integration for this thermostat will be made available?

Which model are you talking about? I have a CT-100 (by Radio Thermostat) and it’s been working fine for almost three years. I know there are many other users who are using other models too - and they are working well too.

Are you saying that you want it added to the SmartThings firmware so it can run locally? If that’s the case, I have no idea if that’s even something they’re looking at.

Good Question, it is a CT-101 and it works just fine, but I would like it to be integrated into ST. The ST web site says “Coming Soon”. Just wanted to know how soon, soon was?

I just added 3 CT101s to my ST and they work great.

I added 2 CT-101s from my Iris system into ST without any hassle. Removed in Iris, hit reset button under top cover on thermostat, added in ST app with autodiscover.

Thanks for all the help, I was able to add 2 of them!