Radiator Valves

I am starting this as a new topic because what I have read already seems so confusing and complicated in relation to a simple question. This is to identify one or more radiator valve types that can be put onto a radiator instead of a conventional TVR which are radio or Wifi connected.

Background: a) I am in UK, and I have working Wifi from a BT Business Hub5, a SmartThings hub & Philips Hue hub.
b) I want to avoid any other hub, thermostat or clutter special to the radiator valves.
c) If possible to only need the SmartThings app (on Android).
d) To be able to buy (not rent) the valves singly.
e) To be able to set the temperature against a time routine to change a few times per 24 hours.
f0 Battery operated (ie no mains needed).
g) No link to the boiler (I know about the need for flow bypass etc).

Thanks for any help

I believe the danfoss living connect z-wave trv meets most of your requirements (maybe all?). Not sure about timed thermostat setpoint changes though. And it’s not officially support by SmartThings so it requires a community-developed device handler.

See this thread, i believe it’s fairly up to date and people there can answer your questions more specifically as it relates to that particular device.

Noted. Thanks. I will await a few more replies if they come before trying one or more.