Rachio Iro Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

Even the minimize water hammering works…

Yes, I will have to try that out. However, my noise is not just when the valve opens, it’s when the sprinklers are running as well. Thx.

I hear you my friend. In my case some of my sprinkler heads need replacing next season.:frowning: The nightmare never ends!

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You mention you have the basics already in a device? Care to share what you have so far and just label as BETA? We understand it is a work in progress but >1 year for a device type seems a bit excessive.

You don’t have to publish it, just post the code on GitHub or something so at least the ones with SmartThings IDE experience can try it out?


That would be great, the community would love that. :slight_smile:

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I just picked up the Rachio 8 zone a couple of days ago, I think there’s going to be a lot of new people coming in since they had a couple of sales for $150.

Integration would be wonderful, anything that didn’t work could just use the native app.

His thread was started long ago. Doubtful integration will happen. I believe they worked with Nest.

His last post was the one above so only a month ago, it’s possible @franzgarsombke is still around and working on it, one can hope :smile:

Still here. It’s on our roadmap for next year, will let you know when we make progress again :wink:



Add me to the list of those interested. I have a 16 station Rachio Iro and really want to be able to automate it.

For example, I’d love to figure out how to turn on the sprinklers via motion sensor to keep the deer from eating my shrubs.

But I’d settle for the basic stuff for now. Anything is better than nothing.


IFTTT can do this for you right now easily using ST as trigger.

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Ditto, just purchased a Rachio 8 zone. Would love for smartthings integration.

How do you use IFTT with smartthings as a trigger?

I would like to use motion to trigger sprinklers to try and scare some deer at night who eat everything!!

Enough wait, guess we all should move on from Rachio and build Arduino and a smarthingshield based project as described by @Stan Smart Sprinkler System

Rainmachine 12 already does IFTTT and SmartThings for $30 more. Thinking I may go that route. Looks like this has been in the pipeline forever.

This may work for me as I have a Windows Phone. Thanks for the tip.

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Our ST integration is on the road map for this year. This will get done, even if I have to build it myself :wink:

Our native Echo/Alexa integration will be announced in the next day or so, believe me it’s pretty amazing.

We will also be having a new hardware announcement in the next few days that will provide some new capabilities for integrations and some other exciting features.

tl;dr, lots of integrations and features, coming out this year.



Do you have any kind of timeline, I am going to be running pipe in my yard as soon as the ground thaws out and have my amazon cart full of what I will need. Rain machine is currently in the cart however that could change if you have smartthings integration. If it is 2 months away I can wait any longer may not cut it.


Thanks for all the work. I gotta say that my Rachio is one of the best home automation things I have purchased and just does it’s thing.


Okay, I just experimented with IFTT and I am able to setup a “recipe” that would use motion from a motion sensor in Smartthings to trigger a zone in Rachio to go on for a set amount of time.

The goal would be to scare off some deer from eating my vegetables in the summer at night.