Rachio Iro Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

@mhatrey Don’t want to sound like a broken record (do people still know what records are?)

A lot of stops and starts working on other projects, try to wrap this up soon, will post here as soon as submitted, it’s close just need a ‘finisher’ which we now have.

I’m sure the community will enjoy it! Keep pushing us! :wink:

I have about a week or so left before I have to make a controller purchase decision. Available integration into ST would make the choice easy…

Smart things presented Rachio at CES (part of their presentation). They are pot committed. Its not “if” its “when”.

@joel Yes! :smile: :beers:

Here are some screenshots, not vaporware :smile:

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Oh man that’s nice!! Great work!!

Have you tested it on Android? Custom icons in device types aren’t supported on Android.


@notoriousbdg That would explain why I deferred Android testing, I thought it was something we could ‘figure’ out since I saw it but didn’t understand what it was, but it seems like this might be something of a blocker from that perspective. Will let you know what we find out crossing that bridge. Thanks for the helpful information!

How’s it coming? I just installed a controller and would love to use the new ap

@pepbill Onboarding a new developer tomorrow, this will be the first project he takes to the finish line.

Hope to have him finish this up by next week, and then submit to ST.

Will post when he is code complete and we have submitted to the ST team.

Thanks for asking, let me know if you have any other questions.

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Full time developer on this now, let the magic happen. :beers:

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I will commit to buy once the device type and capabilities are sorted out :wink:

@franzgarsombke and I shall commit based on the length of the power adapter. Can I run a longer power adapter? Current irrigation controller does not have a nearby outlet and the wire runs along the sides of the wall (basement). :slight_smile:


Does this help?

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Any update on this? Looking to pull the trigger on a Rachio soon!

I bought one a couple weeks ago even without the ST integration and I really like it.


Good progress this week, hoping to submit next week, finally have a full time developer working on it.

Will post when submitted.


SmartThings community -

I’m putting this integration on an indefinite hold.

Apologize for this but, after spending many, many weeks on this, we were not able to get the ST application to work with the Iro to our expectations.

On a side note, we have integrated with Nest, IFTTT, iControl, and Wink while also having a pubilc API which I was able to justify the cost of development and time.

Sorry for this, I am the last one to ‘give up’ on something, but we have many other priorities that we need to focus on.

If you bought an Iro for the sole purpose of integrating with ST, PM me at franz@rachio.com and we will make you whole.

Wow. I don’t own a Rachio and considered it because of the ST possible integration, but am happy with my RainMachine. Sounds like it could be the stability issues ST is currently experiencing and not wanting to give Rachio a bad name, but that is my pure speculation and reading in between the lines.

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I am expecting my Rachio Iro this Friday, I am in too much pain.I have stopped buying anything which ties me to ST platform now. It has to have its own app, third party app or a zwave product.

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Wow x10. This is so upsetting. With the totally unacceptable stability issues that ST has been having, I don’t blame you for putting this on hold (of course I’m speculating that this is the reason behind it). I did purchase the Rachio for the sole purpose of it’s promising integration with ST, but I can’t in a clear conscience ask to be made whole on my purchase. The Rachio works really well on it’s own and is basically a set it and forget it sort of thing. It’s still really upsetting though. :frowning:

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