Rachio Iro Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

That’s good! JIT for summer! Ya!

60 days in real time or 60 days in ST time? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been waiting over 1 year for this integration and I’m sure others have for longer.

It hasn’t been that big a deal to wait… Rachio and IFFT

Any year now.


Still no update?

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Certification passed! This will be released soon.




Congratulations! There is no doubt in my mind that the Rachio interface will be awesome if @tonesto7 had anything to do with it. Because if he gets even half as close with Rachio to the perfection he did on Nest I will be thoroughly pleased. :wink:

UPDATE: Confirmed @tonesto7 was involved… It’s happy time!


Then i’m confident you will be very happy with the app and devices


My decision is made

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I wonder what “soon” translates to in SmartThing’s time?

So I think it is time to start a contest to see who can guess the closest date to the actual release date, the winner gets bragging rights :wink:

My guess is for the first official day of Spring; Mar 20th. ( I am the eternal optimist )

I guess March 28th or April 3rd :slight_smile:

I guess whatever @tonesto7 guesses :smile:


Those really are an arbitrary guess.
Even though I was directly involved in the creation and certification of the app/devices I still don’t know the exact date of release :slight_smile:


I’m guessing Labor Day… just in time for spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Been checking the Marketplace/Irrigation on my mobile app for Rachio integration…

come on SmartThings; let’s get it out the door today! :grinning:

I can tell you it’s not happening this week :slight_smile:


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Use IFTTT: Make a virtual buttons/switch in Smartthing and link it to a zone or a complete watering cycle using IFTTT.

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