Rachio Automation with SmartThings Weather?

Hello, I am curious if anyone knows if it’s possible to set up an automation where when temp is 90 or above, turn on sprinklers (via Rachio or other?) the next morning? Don’t want the watering to happen immediately while it’s hot, but rather the next morning or at least after sundown. Haven’t purchased Rachio yet, so was curious. Thanks for the help!

I don’t think so. But to be honest, Rachio takes care of all of the watering demand calculations itself. I’ve never found a need to adjust Rachio from SmartThings


You may want to also take a look at the Orbit B-Hyve controllers. Very similar to the Rachio, for much less money.

Me either. I added Rachio, then removed it after a few days. There was no benefit there for me.

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This is a fairly simple automation. Have had Rachio 3 for a few years now
and no complaints. The controller mentioned below has no direct Smartthings integration, which was important to me. I use my Smartthings Rachio automatons to chase animals [cats, possums, raccoons, etc.] out of my yards based on detected motions, not just a controller to water my lawn.

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