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Quotra Zigbee slider-style dimmers


These just popped up in my feed. Has anyone tried them? Never seen a slider-style smart dimmer til now.

(Jimmy) #2

They were looking for beta testers for these on Facebook last week

(Kirk Hilzinger) #3

Interesting price point and it seems they would be easy for a novice to operate manually. I do notice that these only handle 150-Watts, which would be fine for LED but you could run into problems with incandescents.

(Jimmy) #4

I did ask if the slider moved when dimmed from an automation/app and they said no.


Bumping this - Has anybody installed?

(Brian Custer) #6

I have one installed. Actually setup on my hue bridge and shared with ST and Alexa. Works just fine. My wife prefers my GoControl Decora style dimmer as she frequently “misses” the on/off at the bottom of the slider so it comes down to preference.