Quirky Tripper Support?

I have a number of old wink trippers and one wink water sensor, I was able to get them running on smartthings with your open source device handler (Quirky/Wink Tripper Contact Sensor Copyright 2015 Mitch Pond) they have been running beautifully and have a fast reaction time. The issue that I’ve run into with the latest Smartthings update (1.6.98) is that the main device card status doesn’t change, all of my Wink trippers are showing that my doors are open, but once you open the device card it shows the true status, all of my automations are working correctly and the status still updates very quickly, its just the main view the door status remains open. This is the same deal for my wink water sensor, it shows wet for the main device card at all times but otherwise operates as intended. For that device I am running an open source device handler as well (Quirky Moisture Sensor)

Any thoughts or help on how to fix this? I have no clue how to tweak the code to fix the issue and smartthing support said they can’t help with custom handlers so I thought I try the source :smile:

You need to switch them to a compatible Edge Driver. All device handlers are being phased out.