Quirky Spotter?


Can you tell me how viable these are for triggered events? Yesterday during the office hours call I heard you say they report Every minute or so. Which for some readings is fine.

What I’m interested in is the motion sensor. My question to you is if I use this as a motion sensor to triggers events like a siren when I’m not home and to turn on lights in a room when I am, is there a one minute delay, or does the motion report relatively instant like the SmartThings motion sensor?

Thanks in advance for your time and response. And thanks for the cool stuff your doing for the community.



First off thanks for the thanks!

Secondly, change events fire off immediately. So you could set alarms/switches/lights on any of the senses and they would work fine. In fact, I tested it on a metal door for vibration notifications and smartthings was reporting vibration before the spotter iphone push notification came through. That might be my phone carrier issue though. Still, it was interesting to me.

I’ll set up a test app to measure the static reporting to back up, or debunk, my 1 minute statement. I pretty sure that’s what it’s doing and why they eat batteries so quickly. I do recommend keeping it hooked up to AC power because of it though.



Perfect! Exactly what I needed to hear.

As for the batteries. How long does it take them to “eat” through batteries? I was actually hoping to hack something together to use them as a door open and close sensor. Using the vibration sensor to trigger open and close events. Among other things :)… Haha. I love Smartthings.

Batteries may be a deal breaker though

Spotter #1, batteries last about 1.5 weeks.
Spotter #2, about 2 weeks.

After the labs launch, and after any troubleshooting/support is done, thing 1 and thing 2 (Dr. Suess reference) will be relegated to the washer and dryer to perform laundry notification duty. They will be plugged in of course.

thanks! may have to rethink my idea. the spotters are still awesome but looks like i will be buying some door sensors as well. Didn’t want to do that.

So they can be plugged in or powered by battery? Was the $20 price on ThinkGeek a one day thing? Looking now they are $39.99. I’m tempted to go with these instead of waiting on the Monoprice z-wave motion sensors. Thoughts on that?

This is more of an acceleration sensor like the ST Multi not a motion sensor. I guess it would depend on how you intend to use it. I have one installed one under my front steps (wood) do detect when someone is coming up the steps. So far it’s only battery powered and performance is just ok. Maybe it will work better when I figure out how to get power to it.

I hope the integration gets put together in labs soon. The wink interface is not good. The one spotter I have doesn’t even detect the light very well at all.

Yeah, the light thing will probably not change when connected to ST. I have one spotter that is great at detecting the light change an the other is not. Read my earlier post in this same thread.


@twack Yeah, I saw that. I haven’t even been able to get my first spotter to register any light at all currently. But, we shall see. Are there any better ambient light detectors out there?

The quirky interface is not very good at all. If the integration works out, then it might be worth getting another to sit on the dryer and detect when it is done.

I got three via thinkgeek deal and waiting for st integration to decide whether to replace or refund them. Light sensing seems broken on one of them and pretty much useless on other two. (Only reacts to very bright light and wouldn’t sense darkness once light is detected.) I’ll probably contact quirky for tech support. Hopefully st would make them use their full potential.

@defcon let me know if you hear from tech support from Quirky, mine are very similar.

mine are very similar

I’ll wait for tech support and possible ST integration news but it sounds like that they are pretty much all bad across the board. Wink app doesn’t do anything for me (trigger never worked) and h/w sensor is unreliable. Also the fact that temperature/humidity and sound sensing don’t work in battery mode was quite disappointing anyway.

Unless ST integration do some dark magic to bring the dead back to life I think I’ll be sending them back. It’s a pity because I like how it looks.

Any updates on the when this will in ST Labs. I have 2 (only 1 setup) I had it on the Washing machine all weekend with an alert set to let me know when motion stopped. We ran at least 10 loads this weekend and not once did I get an alert.

FYI, Quirky Spotter and PivotPower Genius is on sale on ThinkGeek for $20 each. Use FIFTHOFF to get an additional 20% off and free shipping after spending $75. One hell of a deal if these units actually work (although I hear they’re ‘spotty’ to begin with - pun intended).

Spotter’s light sensor seems useless and so is wink app, but temperature / humidity / sound and accelerometer seems to be functional. Accelerometer’s usefulness may be limited but I still end up with three sets of useful ambient information. If ST integration does arrive I get to have temperature / humidity sensor I wanted for mere $20 a pop and I could probably put them in all rooms. thinkgeek.com offers 90 day return window so I am hopping something good happens within that window. :slight_smile:

(as for quirky’s tech support I’m still waiting for their response)

@twack did you get this to work on your washer/dryer to report when there is no motion?

The one I have has been VERY flaky, bad reporting, hit and miss w/ detecting sound and light, just really not well done so far.

I order 2 more from ThinkGeek before i tried this one out, because it was such a good deal, but i might send them all back because of how unreliable they are.

I hope the SmartLabs open this up, and makes these more valuable.


FYI - I just noticed that Quirky/Wink is now on IFTTT.

Spotter IFTTT

Pivot Power Genius IFTTT

There’s a SmartApp in the SmartThings Labs section now. My Spotter still doesn’t show up on the list of devices. I’m guessing it’s still a work in progress.

Updating my Hub now, super excited to put these to use!

edit As the previous poster noted, appears there is still some work to be done here no spotters showing up in my deceive list. Good news though my TCP bulbs are working now!