Quirky Spotter

Are there any plans to incorporate this back into the Quirky Labs? I was wanting to at least use it for power failure notification for my freezer.

I am guessing that the lack of a response means its not gonna happen

This is quite an old post but, I have a spotter and it is working quite well. Stubbed across this looking to see how to setup power failure notifications for the thing.

I tried installing the Smartapp and the device handler but having no luck.

Not sure if I am installing it correctly.
Added SmartApp from source code in IDE (with Oauth)
Added DeviceHandler ffrom source in the IDE.

Tried adding via the MarketPlace with SmartApps (My Apps) but nothing.
Then added in the My Devices in the IDE.

When I run the Refresh in the app I get


9:06:05 PM:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method poll() on null object @ line 118


9:06:05 PM:
Executing 'refresh'