Quirky GE Tapt Switch Device Type

Device Type for Quirky / GE Tapt Switch

Using a dual load Zigbee Device Type written by @JohnR I have created a starting point for the Tapt Switch. I’ve read this device can control a load and also a scene/mode. Not sure how the second part works but I’ve gotten the switch to be controllable.

Installation Instructions
1- Login to the IDE and create a custom device type using the device type for from my github https://github.com/mattjfrank/Quirky-GE-Tapt-Switch-Smart-Things-Device-Type/blob/master/Quirky-GE-Tapt-Switch.groovy once created, save and publish.
2- Add Tapt to SmartThings by pressing and holding both buttons for 5 seconds while ST is looking for new devices.
3- The device should show up as “Quirky GE Tapt Switch” If it doesn’t manually change it to that device type.
[edit 1/11/15 changed steps, fingerprint should allow automatic device type selection]

Work In progress
1- Status update to ST when manually pressing buttons
2- figure out how/if 2nd button operation can be used with ST as it can with Wink
3- figure out how/if it can be used as a dimmer with ST as it can with Wink

Update [12/14/2015]
This custom device type is no longer needed. Your best method is to remove the device from ST, remove the published Device Type and add to ST. It will add as a ZigBee Switch which does on/off and instant reporting.

This will allow it to work as standard on/off switch controlling a load. If you do not want it to control the load just cap the load wire during install and wire your load direct.

Some places on the internet refer to issues with the switch not staying “connected” in those cases you should be able to connect your switch to a wink hub and do a firmware update to the switch.


Updated Device Type at github with device fingerprint

Updated device type again, refresh button now works it’s still not updating automatically when device state changes by button presses, but I’m closer. This again was thanks to a comment I found by @JohnR in another thread.


Matt, what’s the hardware control like?

Does it control 1 or 2 loads?

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1 physical load…

This makes me heart sad… Thought we may of had a solution for double switches.

I was hoping to use this for smart bulbs, basically have the top button cycle on off one bulb/fixture and the bottom cycle on off another. Maybe even add double tap to both.

@tslagle13 sorry :frowning:

@greg by some info I’ve found on the tapt this is probably possible, I am very new to all this and learning as I go.

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@greg the reason I say probably is because I’ve read that it can do that. Also when addressing the device it’s addressed as endpoint 2 to control the load so maybe endpoint 1 is the virtual device. But before getting it added to ST I can tell you that top button turned load wire on and the bottom turned it off. That makes me think it’s not possible.

Right, but I don’t have to connect it to a load. Essentially I would just want to turn both buttons to momentary switches. I don’t know if that is possible with the decora switches.

So one physical toggle switch and one virtual toggle?

I’m never installing anything that doesn’t have a physical fallback.

top tap = on
Bottom tap = off
Both tap =??

blow something up? :imp:

If(doubleTap) {


Subscribing for updates, great work guys!

So if you don’t pair it with a controller, how does it work?

Is the actual physical load control like top button = on, bottom = off?

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Yes that’s correct…

What if you reconfigure it and the hub is down, is the change persistent?

What I’m trying to figure it out is how it works if the cloud is down. Whether there is a way to control two loads or dimming.

I have fire place pilot light, fireplace fan, fireplace spotlight and living room main light dimmer, all in a 3 gang box. I’m trying to figure out a way to connect all 4 to ST.


I really doubt it will work w/out the cloud working. Except for the main load. You would need devices that you can toggle physically. For you I’d recommend connecting like the enerwave or intermatic dual relay devices to your existing switches so you can control them even if the cloud is down.

I also don’t know that it can be used for two different switches a physical load and a virtual switch. I’ve only read elsewhere that it can.

What I do know for sure is

  • When it’s not connected to any hub etc it controls one load. Top on Bottom Off
  • The device Type I got working it addressing it as endpoint 2, top on bottom off
  • The device’s fingerprint and other resources reference that it can be a dimmer, although the device type I got working doesn’t have dimmer functions.

My hope for it is that the top button can be one device and the bottom another. The load wire won’t be connected to anything. I want it to control the dual relay enerwave devices I have in my fan canopies so top is light, bottom is fan. (on/off) Currently I do the same thing with GE switches but it’s tap on/off is light. double tap on/off is fan and doubletap is not friendly.

I had to send Wink support a message about MyQ integration since it stopped working for a few days and inquired about this switch while I was at it. Here is the response I got.

“As for the Tapt switch, it operates on a double-break relay, but we also have a “smart bulb” feature which will push constant power (always-on switch) to the light fixture such that you can just use the shortcut buttons on your Wink app.”