Quinetic light systems

Has anybody got any idea how or if I/someone could go about getting the quinetic wifi switches/dimmers to work with smartthings? They do have an api using either https or kafka, but in all honesty I’ve never even looked at writing a custom device handler before last week. Having looked I kind of understand but the api seems so generic I don’t know what commands I’d need. I’m debating getting this quinetic kit installed but I’m not interested if I’d need to create bridge devices etc. The link for the api docs is docs.tuya.com/en/cloudapi and the actual products can be bought (in the UK) from tlc-direct.co.uk

Thanks for any advice

Thanks, I’d hoped seeing as it has it’s own app it would be different but it’s just a custom version of the tuya app. Shame that such an interesting sounding piece of kit is let down by software.

If iftt could be dynamic and was more stable than my experiences suggest, then it would be fine. By dynamic I mean if I create a virtual dimmer it would be nice if iftt could pick up what level I set it to.

Looks like I’ll have to shell out for expensive dimmers.

Thanks again