Quick Survey: Smart Home Market

We are running a quick 2-3 minute consumer survey of the smart home market. It is 10 questions, and at the end you have the option to register for our drawing and a chance to win a $25 gift card for Amazon. Also feel free to check out our product online or on Facebook. Any and all feedback is welcome! Thanks!

You can find the survey here.

Why are there no technical details on your website? It’s impossible to tell what this product is or whether it could be integrated with SmartThings. Since this forum is for users of the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, that’s important information for us.


Hi JD. Yes, the product(s) will be able to be integrated with Smart Things. Tech specs are not currently listed as we are still finalizing the specifics, as you an see from the survey. It should be finalized by the end of the Summer.

What communication protocol will it use?