Quick Integration Help Needed

Reading many blogs from each of my devices I am still unable to get anything working properly. Maybe someone could point me to the best answers for each element of my current system?

I have an Echo from Amazon and the app on my smartphone 6+
I have 5 LIFX lightbulbs and the app on my smartphone 6+
I have a Smarthings hub and the app on my smartphone 6+
I have Sonos speakers, two (L&R) in each of 7 rooms, and the app on my smartphone 6+
I have the IF app on my smartphone 6+.

Independently, each of the devices work with their respective apps.

I have tried and cannot get the Echo and/or Smarthings to operate either the lights or Sonos.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any help!


(I’ve moved this to Projects so you can get answers on all the devices. Normally in the Devices category we try to limit each thread to one device class to keep it easier to find things later. But projects can address pretty much anything related to one person’s setup. :sunglasses:)

  1. LIFX OK, first question–does SmartThings see the individual LIFX bulbs? If not, do you want it to, or are you only trying to get Echo integration?

  2. Echo/SmartThings The following thread covers how to get echo itself integrated with SmartThings. Two different methods are covered. Both are pretty straightforward.

  1. Sonos you should just be aware that the Sonos/SmartThings integration is broken for many people in a weird way–having more than One or two Sonos devices on your account can cause all your Z wave devices to become unreachable. Right now the only support recommendation is to remove the Sonos devices. You didn’t say whether you have any zwave devices, so this may not be a problem for you, but I just wanted to mention it.

That said, echo cannot operate Sonos directly whether you have SmartThings or not. There are some indirect methods that people use that worked pretty well. But the set up can be complicated.

3a) The following is a highly technical method which requires setting up your own server, but can then give you a lot of control over Sonos. So if you have a technical background and Are willing to buy additional equipment, take a look at this.

3b) A second method doesn’t give you as many control options, but doesn’t require any extra hardware. It does, however, require using a custom smartapp called Alexa Helper. It’s very popular in the community for many echo/SmartThings integrations, including Sonos.

If you’re interested in this method, first read the custom code FAQ and that will give you a sense of how custom smartapps are installed.

If after reading that, you decide you want to go ahead, Then look at the information on Alexa Helper:


There are probably other methods as well, as both Sonos and echo are very popular, but I think these two are the most commonly used with SmartThings.