Quick ADT Hub Question

I have a quick question about the ADT Hub. What is the small hole below the display screen? I thought it was for an ambient light sensor but when I cover it there is no change in the brightness of the screen. Is it something else? I couldn’t find anything on it listed anywhere. Thanks…

Try asking in the following thread, that’s where you will find people who actually have that device, so hopefully somebody will know.

New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017

(BTW, I would have guessed it was the microphone, but that’s just a guess.)

You know what…you are probably right. I was thinking ambient light sensor since this model has a color tft and a light sensor for setting screen brightness was a possibility. I completely forgot that some alarm panels also included a microphone. That would make more sense if that is what the hole is for…not to mention there isn’t a setting for automatic screen brightness in the display menu. Thanks a bunch…I’m getting slower in my old age. :smiley:

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Well, I don’t know for sure, don’t have that device. So like I said, just a guess.