Questions on upgrading to SmartThings V2 hub when I also have Cooper Aspire and GE secondary controllers

I have a SmartThings V1 hub that has about 20 assorted switches and sensors connected.

Since I had gone with Cooper Aspire switches and have a number of auxiliary switches, I went ahead and have a Cooper Aspire controller set up as a secondary controller so that I can use their “associate” feature.

In addition, I have a GE keypad controller, also set up as a secondary controller.

I’m looking to migrate this week and am trying to figure out what I need to do. Do I need to go through and manually remove all my devices from the secondary controllers and then main SmartThings hub? Do I remove the devices from the SmartThings hub and replicate that blank set to both secondary hubs?

I only have limited time to do this since my wife is out of town for a day and I need to have it all working again before she gets back (or her tolerance with my whole home automation playing starts to deteriorate rather quickly), so I’m hoping to avoid a lot of going through the process multiple times.

Any feedback from anyone who’s gone through a similar migration would be appreciated.