Questions About Upcoming Web IDE Changes

I’d like some clarification on the upcoming web-IDE changes. The advertised changes were:

· Update IDE to only allow updates or deletion of existing DTHs
· Disable the ability to add new SmartApps
· Remove the IDE debugging tools (Live Logging and IDE simulator)

Existing Groovy-based DTHs will continue to work and be usable until Dec 31, we just cannot create new ones, correct?

What happens to SmartApps that were installed via the IDE simulator? Will those still be accessible? Will they continue to run?

I think that is the plan. It doesn’t help when the FAQ only says they are hoping to complete DTH migration by the end of the year. If they fail then presumably at least some DTHs will continue to work.

Apparently they won’t be supported from the 31st December. Which might mean they aren’t supported in the sense of they won’t work at all, or it might mean they are unsupported in the sense of tough titty if they don’t work.

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This refers to custom DTHs, those using stock ones will start to be migrated on Sept 30th. And also, on Dec 12th, the migration for this kind of DTH will start.

Do you mean the ones that could be created “From a template”?
The only SmartApps that will be migrated are the ones included here. As they are only Groovy code, not a plugin/SmartApp in the ST app’s catalog, they will be shut down when the Groovy execution does (Dec 31st).

In the graph IDE, click My SmartApps, select one, click the simulator button and install the smartapp that way. It’s those smartapp instances that were launched via the simulator that I am asking about. It was custom groovy code, not from a template. How long will those be editable/modifiable and how long will they keep running?

According to the last update (dates published here):

Oct 15th

  • Disable the ability to add new SmartApps

Dec 31st

  • Shutdown SmartApp execution