Questions about ST-Better-LIFX-BULB Device Handler

Hello Community I have some questions about ST-Better-LIFX-BULB Device Handler. It looks like @whoismoses left ST and hasn’t posted in a while.

I am a little confused on how to integrate or use this with ST and Webcore.

So far, I have installed the device handler as instructed.


What I am not sure about is the formatting for the bulbs. I am assuming they go here? How are they input into the “TEXT” field?

So, OK, I have the new device handlers installed and configured. Do I still need the Smartthings : LIFX (Connect) in the smartapps section?

Here is what is in my smartapps:

Are there more detailed instructions somewhere? I am also interested in the LGOG DH.

The MAIN issue I am trying to solver is essentially a “Gang” turn on and 15 sec fade up / fade out of all lights vs individual lights. I am assuming the DH’s will solve those?

Thank you so much in advance. I sincerely appreciate the peoples contributions to the community to help “newbs” like myself.