Questions about setting a room image?

I added a picture for my room but I can barely see it when I click on that room. Is it supposed to be displayed bigger anywhere? Shouldn’t the whole room show up on the screen so when you push the on off button it looks shows the room on the screen? Also what is the circular arrow on the screen below the on and off button?

Do you have a smart outlet associated with this room? The arrow is to refresh the connection if the state of the outlet should be stuck. I haven’t tried taking any pictures of my rooms so I can’t help you there.

Yes I have an outlet associated. Ok so that’s just a refresh arrow? It’s awfully big I thought it was something else since the box was so large. I’m just trying to figure out what the point of the picture is if it’s going to be so small and not displayed larger.

They used to have the room picture at the top of the page when you entered the room. It was removed in favor of the Favorite item in the room.

I have 16 rooms in my list. I just take a focus pic like the fireplace or the front door. I can quickly scan what room I want to jump into.

As for the Refresh, that is the standard tile size for device handlers. It used to say refresh, but was dropped to helped with localizations.