Question w/ Bloomsky and power cable


Just wondering. If you connect your bloomsky to a wired powersource, will it take shots at night as well?

(Dale C) #2

It appears so, I just went to the website and viewed a bunch of night images on the other side of the world.


Interesting. Thanks for the info. Wonder if any users here have done this. How does the time lapse look at night?

(Bernie H) #4

I was under the impression it was time based. I know mine takes pics up til about and half hour after sunset. I was also under the impression you could’t set one up at night as it won’t talk to the server until morning, even plugged in and sitting indoors. Do you have a link to one of the stations broadcasting at night? All the ones I checked stop the time lapse just after dark.


Yeah, Wouldnt you like the option to have a time lapse for night? At the end of mine I have a couple stars just starting to move across the screen. It would be really cool to see the night sky. Also when there is lightning storms it would be really neat to have.

(Dale C) #6

I don’t have one but just looked on the website and saw night time images which is what the OP had asked. As far as time lapse at night I would think that is easy enough to determine just by talking to support at BloomSky.

Here is support center’s response on Mar 16, 2016 to your similar question about being able to set the start and stop times of the pictures to be taken. (This guy was missing sunset pictures and wanted to extend the time)

Thank you for contacting BloomSky. I hope you are having a great day! Unfortunately, there is no way to change the camera settings at this time. This is a great idea and I have added it to our product feature wishlist in hopes of it appearing in later versions of our app.

(Bernie H) #7

The ones I see the image never changes at night. All the other data is still transmitted but the camera is supposed to shut down at night according to Bloomsky. It would be cool to have night shots.


Yeah, its just the final image of the night it is showing.

If we are interested in this we need to all contact support and tell them we want it.

(jotto) #9

I can confirm what has already been stated. I have my Bloomsky hardwired and unfortunately the time-lapse does not run overnight or any longer than if it were on solar power.

My Bloomsky Station:

@chowder007 has the right idea, the more they here from users the more likely this will get into a future update. I will shoot a note over to their support email now and request this feature.