Question regarding Network Layering with Connect Pro

As the title says, its a new install. The home is already set up with a bunch of smart features.

I am having a very very hard time putting this into words, so bare with me.

Smart Tech in the house:



•Nest Thermostat

•Phillips Hue Lights and bridge

•Google Home

This is how my current Network looks:

I plan to turn off the Quantums Wifi, and use the Samsung Connects wifi only. When doing this, I will need to move all Smart devices over to the new Samsung Connect network/SSID. The reasoning for this is because my Quantum broadcasts 2 network IDs a 2.4 and a 5.0 but the Samsung Connect is smart enough to broadcast just a single SSID that holds both a 2.4 and a 5.0. Switching everything to the Samsung Connect network is just cleaner, 1 ID to rule them all!

—Fair warning, this is where it gets confusing—

My Quantum Router is on 1 side of the house, and I ran a cat 5 through the attic to the living room, to connect the Connect Pro to it directly. In addition to the living room being more central to broadcast Wifi, I also just need a LAN wire to my PS4. If you didn’t already know, the PS4 has a garbo wifi chip that cant get above 20/10.

My original plan was to go Lan from Quantum to Connect pro to PS4, then connect everything else Via Wifi to the Connect pro.

So my question is, is samsung connect pro smart enough to control the Philips hue bridge on the Quantum network, Or does it need to be hard wired to the Connect Pro.

Can I do this:

Or do I have to do this:

If I’m understanding you correctly you only have one “network,” your Local Area Network. Your fios device is acting as your router, doing network address translation so the devices on your LAN can communicate over the internet and assigning local IP addresses to all devices with dhcp. Your Samsung Connect device is acting as a wireless access point on the LAN, allowing WiFi devices to communicate back to your quantum router.

If both your quantum router and your connect Home pro have additional Ethernet ports, then they both can act as wired switches too, allowing a wired device to get onto your LAN. So you could plug your Hue bridge into either device and it will be connected to your LAN.

I don’t actually use hue bulbs, Verizon fios or a Samsung connect pro. So I’m making assumptions about what each device is capable of, and how you have set them up. For example, if the Samsung connect pro can’t be set to work in access point mode, and turn off its own dhcp server and NAT function, then what I’ve described above won’t work.

Anyone with more personal experience with these devices please correct me if I’ve misunderstood.

I was looking for a direct answer, but I went ahead and remapped my whole network today, now I need to attempt to connect the Hue Bridge to the Samsung Connect Smartthings hub, The hue bridge is already recognized by the connect pro wifi bridge (which is promising).

The downside to hooking up the Connect pro as a bridge is you lose some network control features through the phone “samsung connect app”. While having the Fios Quantum and the Samsung Connect Home Pro working together to provide wifi throughout the house, the Quantum is AC1750, while the connect is AC2600, so there is a slight bottleneck on half of the house lol, which may cause issues in the future when cameras get added.

The hue bridge connects to the ST hub over the LAN, so it should be fine.