Question on controlling light switch with specific condition?

Looking for help on how to configure specific situation.

I have a problem with my boiler that I’m troubleshooting but its a slow process and taking a long time. Meanwhile boiler blows out at random times and even though thermstats are working boiler is not which causes temp to drop. So to help with the situation I replaced my emergency switch with zwave one. now at least I don’t have to run to the lower floor to turn it off and on.

Here is what I want to do. I have 3 nests thermostats. I want to set up a condition where heating is on and temp keeps dropping below what it set to. If that condition happens I want to turn off the zwave switch, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on. How can I accomplish this? I can’t figure it out



Rule Machine

define a rule

thermostat state

temprature becomes
(whatever your setpoint is -2 or 3 or whatever you want)

action for true
turn off these switches
your switch

turn on these switches after delay
delay 10 seconds
your switch

Thank you. Time to install rule machine :slightly_smiling:

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