Question for Those Who Have Had Warranty-replaced GE/Jasco Devices

I just had a dimmer and on/off switch replaced by Jasco under warranty (radio out on dimmer and LED kaput on the switch). There’s no indication in the packaging about sending back the faulty devices. My question is whether Jasco simply doesn’t want them back or if perhaps it’s an oversight? While the dead radio dimmer has limited use to me now I can still use the switch in another location.

My faulty devices are Z-Wave Classic and they sent Z-Wave Plus which was kinda nice although I really don’t need the Plus.

I’ve replaced two and in both cases they didn’t ask for the old one back.

Okay, great. Thanks.

You should look into the double tap device handler that works with the plus. It adds another level of customization.

Yeah, may do although in the locations I have them installed I likely don’t have a use case for that.


same here. had 2 devices replaced, did not get Plus (like for like replacement). I did end up destroying the old units just so that i dont end up ever reusing them by mistake…

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Who did you contact for replacement? I have a zwave switch that seems to be faulty after about 6 months or more.

I called Jasco …

Was proof of purchase required?

Yes, it was.