Question about low voltage device

I have a Ring Pro Video doorbell that works great. Occasionally - and by that I mean extremely rarely, I have to reset the device by either removing the power momentarily or by switching the breaker off then back on. Would it be possible to install a Remotec dry contact module between the transformer and the
doorbell to accomplish the same thing?

The transformer is a 16VAC:

I think the Remotec would fit in the wall where my doorbell transformer is located. I have a Ring Floodlight Camera as well, and replaced the regular switch with a Zwave paddle switch for not only the same capability, but more so to have the ability to turn the switch back on remotely when our cleaning lady turns it off inadvertently :slight_smile:

Am I approaching this wrong?


If you have a outlet near the transformer you could wire it to a extension cord and plug the cord into a z-wave outlet. Need a recommendation for a device with dry contact sensor and relay

That’s not exactly ideal. The transformer is in the wall behind the chime. I simply want a way to cycle the power between the transformer and the Ring Pro in the event that I need to. I can tap power into the same supply as the transformer. I was just curious if using the Remotec between the transformer and the doorbell was viable.

I ended up purchasing an Aeotec nano switch for the supply to the transformer. Works perfectly for my use case. An interesting note in case anyone is interested in this device - no switch of any kind is required. The documentation that I found is not exactly clear on that, but I only have the line, neutral and load (to the transformer) connected.