Question About Limit Switches

I want to add a contact sensor to my driveway electric gate. I want to avoid a sensor on the actual gate to stay out of the weather. Sensative strips are unlikely to work due to the gap I have between closed gate and post plus I feel they are still overpriced.

I am wondering if I could tap in to a limit switch the gate system uses to determine open (or closed). See the kind of deal I am talking about below:

I assume these switches are tripping a relay and that they are dry contacts. I can’t go pull the cover and check right now due to rain. If so, my thought is to wire in parallel with one of them (probably the closed side) and use that as a dry contact feed to a Z-Wave contact sensor that has external connections.


Okay thanks Robin. I just couldn’t find this info anywhere else so I appreciate your input.

Now I just have to wait days for this rain to stop. We can go months without rain, literally, then when I have something I want to do outside in dry weather we have a flash flood watch, lol.