Question about Hue/Lutron/ST/Sylvania

So I started w/ Lutron Caseta all over, then added ST, the kids want color bulbs in playroom so I purchased the Sylvania Smart+/Osram bulbs, since they were dirt cheap. Hooked them up to ST using a lamp, and as soon as I installed in ceiling it tripper breaker. So I then removed Caseta and installed Lutron Aurora, but cannot figure out how to pair w/ the Sylvania lights. apparently the switch only pairs w/ Hue hub, so I buy Hue hub, but now I can’t pair Hue hub with the bulbs. ugh. So, is there anyway to use these bulbs, with ST, and Alexa?

Unfortunately, the Sylvania bulbs use a different Zigbee profile then hue does, so they cannot work with the hue bridge or The Lutron Aurora device.

Instead find bulbs that do work with the Hue bridge and then they will work with the Aurora.

For color bulbs, Innr are less expensive than Hue, although they usually come in a two pack.

As far as using the Sylvania bulbs that you have, they will work with smartthings and you can get Alexa control that way. But you won’t have a wall switch for them.

If you just want an on/off wall switch, there is a battery operated zwave switch cover that typically cost under $12 and works well with smartthings. You put it over the top of the existing dumb switch. But you won’t get dimming with smartthings from the switch, just on and off. You could still dim from the app or with Alexa.


Thanks guys, I’m wondering if I just bite the bullet and order 6 Hue bulbs. I also like they have the HUE dimmer since my kids will want to control and don’t have phones/tablets down there. Can someone explain when you need a HUE bridge? I will only have 6 bulbs, and if connected to ST, do I need one?

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You need the Hue Bridge. :sunglasses:

See the faq (The topic title is a clickable link)

Between the bulbs (6 x $55, remote $25, Bridge $55, Aurora $40), that’s like $450…all so kids can change the color of lights in the playroom…not sure that makes a ton of sense, LOL

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Understood. That kind of thing is always a personal decision.

We do use the Hue bridge at our own home and really like it, but mostly use the inexpensive plain white bulbs. We have a couple of light strips we use for some color effects, but that’s it.

What if you just got A table lamp and put one of the Sylvania bulbs you already own into that and let the kids do their effects with that one? They could just use Alexa to control it.

If it was me, I would put the Lutron switches back for wall switches with dumb bulbs, again, I use those in my own home and really like them. :sunglasses:.

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Yeah Casetas are great, I have about 60 of those, very happy. Maybe I’ll look into some LED strips that can add color without breaking the bank! I’ve spent a fortune on lights but thinking this may be a fun weekend then the kids are over it, LOL

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