Question about automation multiple trigger

Hi all

Actually I am not have smartthings, but before bying this I have a question about ‘automation’

If I have 2 motion sensor and light, and would like to make automation like this


  • motion sensor 1 : motion detected
  • motion sensor 2 : motion detected
  • light turn on

but I don’t know the motion detect duration(?)
If motion sensor 1 detected AM 8:00 and motion seonsor 2 detected PM 1:00 ,
then the light will turn on at after PM1:00 ?
(anyway the motion sensor 1, 2 both detected)

I think it’s not that good senario(because it’s like the motion sensor 2 only detected…)
So My question is the default duration time and can I customized the time through CoRe(programing)

Thanks for any advice.

The motion duration is set by the firmware on the motion sensor. Depending on the sensor, the motion state lasts 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Are you wanting to turn on a light if two motions sensors have motion at the same time?

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If I can set the duration time, I’d like to set 10seconds

but, setting by firmware on each motion sensor, can I change this through programming? (core)

(If I can’t change this, though I am OK. Because I worried about the case of too long duration… like 1hour…)

Some you can change, some you can’t. I don’t think I’ve been seen any with a reset (aka blind ) time as low as 10 seconds. That would drain the battery pretty fast.