Question about automation multiple trigger

(Ujin Kang) #1

Hi all

Actually I am not have smartthings, but before bying this I have a question about ‘automation’

If I have 2 motion sensor and light, and would like to make automation like this


  • motion sensor 1 : motion detected
  • motion sensor 2 : motion detected
  • light turn on

but I don’t know the motion detect duration(?)
If motion sensor 1 detected AM 8:00 and motion seonsor 2 detected PM 1:00 ,
then the light will turn on at after PM1:00 ?
(anyway the motion sensor 1, 2 both detected)

I think it’s not that good senario(because it’s like the motion sensor 2 only detected…)
So My question is the default duration time and can I customized the time through CoRe(programing)

Thanks for any advice.

(Jimmy) #2

The motion duration is set by the firmware on the motion sensor. Depending on the sensor, the motion state lasts 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Are you wanting to turn on a light if two motions sensors have motion at the same time?

(Ujin Kang) #3

If I can set the duration time, I’d like to set 10seconds

but, setting by firmware on each motion sensor, can I change this through programming? (core)

(If I can’t change this, though I am OK. Because I worried about the case of too long duration… like 1hour…)

(Jimmy) #4

Some you can change, some you can’t. I don’t think I’ve been seen any with a reset (aka blind ) time as low as 10 seconds. That would drain the battery pretty fast.