Query Z-Wave Device Status from a local web server?

Long Story short, I created an Alexa Skill that can arm my Texecom Elite house alarm, and it all works fine. However I would like the skill to be able to check the status of my “Yale Connexis L1” (with Z-Wave Module) on the front door before arming, so that if I have forgotten to lock my front door it will refuse to arm. Like …

“Alexa set the House Alarm”
…“Sorry the front door is unlocked cannot arm house alarm”

Or something like that, is there a simple way for me to get that information from a HTTP call without a lot of unnecessary parsing / authentication? The Alexa skill needs a response in 10 seconds and that includes authenticating with the alarm and responding to the skill.

I found a very old thread in the archived forum that looked like there was a way to get the device status in a JSON format, but I cannot find any information on how to do this:

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance.