Qubino Question, change its recognition

How do I change how the Qubino is recognized in SmartThings?

I currently use a Qubino Flush Shutter to control my projector lift. The issue I have is that I’d like it to be recognized as a switch of some sort so I can activate it with my Harmony remote. This way when I select my “Movie Mode” the projector lift will come down.

I currently have it such that if the “Movie Mode” is selected in Harmony that the Projector Lift is lowered and when it is not in “Movie Mode”, the lift is retracted, however, this doesn’t always work and when it does, it works poorly such that if activated, it comes 10 minutes later and when it does happen, it doesn’t lift or lower all the way.

With the harmony connect smart app, each activity is exposed as a switch in smartthings that you can use to trigger automatons on the smartthings side.

What device handler are you using? It needs to have the switch capability.

Is there a device handler I should be using? I just used one I found online for a Qubino flush shutter. Is there a parameter I can change to make it have a switch capability?