Qubino mini dimmer issues after edge driver update

I got fed up waiting for my Qubino mini dimmers to automatically migrate to edge driver (the only devices left to migrate out of my 37 devices)
So I decided to manually update my Qubino mini dimmers to use edge drivers (z-wave switch driver from the SmartThings beta channel, which is said to work with the Qubino mini dimmer).

After the update I’m having dimming issues when using routines. I have an Aeotec multi sensor sensing movement, when movement detected the Qubino dimmers should turn on and dim to 40%. But the lights doesn’t dim, they’re always turning on to 100%.
It works fine dimming the lights via the physical buttons on the wall and via the SmartThings app, only when using the routines (or scenes) it fails to dim.

Anyone has any idea what could be the issue and how to solve it? Maybe there’s some custom drivers out there?

As the lights are way too bright on 100% I can’t use any automation for them atm… super frustrating.