Qubino and Smartthings

OK well after about 30 attempts to join this thing, what finally seemed to work was:

move the hub to within 1ft of device
exclude device
power down hub (was this necessary? hard to say but ST support said to do it)
power up hub
toggle off breaker that the qbino device is on
toggle on breaker, factory reset qbino with 5 toggles

toggle off breaker
put ST hub into add device mode
toggle on breaker

perform the last 3 steps until Qubino joins successfully. The documents suggest that you should be able to join with 3 toggles of the switch on l1, and while I was successfully able to exclude the device that way, and it seems that factory reset with 5 toggles was successful as well, the only way of adding the device that worked for me was toggling power to the device.

At this point the device was now discovered by hub as qbino on/off thermostat, but was not providing any temp data or operating state. It seemed to be in some sort of 1/2 added state. One more toggle of the breaker and it came fully alive.

So my original issues were 2 fold:

  1. off was on and heat was off. That’s solved. Heat is now on, off is off. It seems I some how got the device set in cool mode when I had the wrong DH associated with it.

  2. The DH does not handle setThermostatMode command from WebCoRE. That’s still an issue.

Yeah I had a hard time excluding mine too. I ended up installing a dual toggle switch in the same gang bog as my Qubino so I could cut power and the other to exclude it.

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A separate toggle switch for power just to this device would have been REALLY handy.

I have had the same problem, but I was feeding my Qubino flush 2 relay with 24VDC power source, that, although the user manual says it is supported there were no way to exclude the device nor to include using this voltage.
I have to switch to 220VAC and it worked.
Same problem, the device was recognized by the classic app, but only a few power down and up after the paired was finished it starting to work, but only on the classic app.
When I switch to the new version, the new App can not communicate with the devices.
Any suggestion?


I’m looking for a device that just reads the temprature of my hot water tank and then can activate another device (on/off of my boiler which is already connected) based on the temprature reading.

  • Which DTH and smartapp should I use ?
  • Is there a longer thermostat cable that works with Qubino ? The one in the picture looks to be like 1m. I need around 15m to reach my boiler tank from a place with zwave signal


Hi Fab,
You can use any independent termostat, and just add an automation for qubino, that would be, when the temperature reaches xx degrees (or Farenheit) on the new termostat, activate this exit from Qubino

Hi William, thanks for your reply

what do you mean independent thermostat ? I need a thermostat that can read water temprature in smartthings. I couldn’t find any yet with zwave support except the Qubinio


I’m looking to get a Qubino relay and I see @TheSmartestHouse has the 2 relay model for the same price as the 1 relay. Is there any reason not to get the 2 relay for future-proofing (even though I currently only need 1)? Will it work with only 1 device hooked into it?

That depends on how you’re planning to use it. The 2 relay is less powerful with only 4A per channel while the 1 relay will give you 10 A to work with. If you’re looking to control a coupe of LED bulbs, the double relay will be just fine. But if you’re planning for larger fixtures or more powerful loads, it’s better to go with the 1 relay.

You can definitely use just half of the double relay for now. It will require a handler to display correctly in SmartThings and it will shop up as 2 devices while the 1 relay can work locally without a handler for simple on/off control.

Thanks! I just went with the 1 relay for local control. Do you have any wiring instructions for installing it at the light fixture while maintaining full use of the physical switch?

Same diagram as in the manual would apply but if you’re not sure how to apply it to your set-up, just send your order number and image of the wiring in the fixture box to our support, they’ll provide you with step-by-step wiring instructions:

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