[Q] Wink - Zigbee Device Updates for ST

I have a few Zigbee Devices from when I had Vera and Wink running. Since I went over to ST I decommissioned those two hubs and just use ST. The devices have been working fine thanks to much hard work from the community and they DTHs and Smart Apps!

Devices in Question :




They all work fine, but I was wondering if anyone who has these, or other devices, do you periodically remove them from ST, link them to a Wink Hub (I have a Wink Relay running ST) to check for firmware updates? If anyone has some thoughts on this I would love to hear it. Also, if you do change them back and forth to do updates, is there a quick trick for putting them back since most of those have a lot of “automation” and re-adding them is somewhat of a PITA.


Prior to ST implementing OTA updates for some Zigbee devices, many users would do this for Lightify devices (myself included).

The “trick” is: Don’t delete them from the ST mobile app. Just reset the device, so you can pair it with the other hub, perform the update, then reset it again and go through the pair process in ST. Look for the device’s “paired” signal (like blinking lights for bulbs) as the ST app won’t find a new device, instead the device will assume its old identity in ST as if it just lost connection.

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