Putting Only 1 Nest Thermostat in Away Mode

The rooms in my house are in separate HVAC zones (using EWC zone controllers and motorized dampers). In additional to economical daily operation, it also permits me to “shut down” a room if that family member is gone for a few days or weeks. The AWAY mode on the Nest thermostat works well for this application EXCEPT when I put one thermostat in the AWAY mode the other 3 go into the AWAY mode also. How do I just put one thermostat in the AWAY mode and still keep everything accessible on the internet? Thanks and Regards.

Afaik, away mode for Nest affects all thermostats in a house. I haven’t tried this myself, but have you tried telling Nest that your thermostats are in different homes?

Away affects all thermostats, but you can set individual thermostats to OFF.