Pushover Notifications - Device Type

I wanted to move all of my notifications over into one area and so far I have been very focused on using Pushover.

I know that there was a “notify me when with Pushover” but that didn’t fit my needs… I wanted something that I could easily integrate into all SmartApps that I wrote with just a simple line of code.

I have created a simple Device Type where you put in your Pushover API keys and an option to send notifications to only one Device (Pushover Device). Once that is created you can just add in the following lines into any SmartApp to send notifications:

preferences {
  section("Pushover Device") {
	input ("pushoverDevice", "capability.notification")

And to send a notification:

pushoverDevice.sendMessage("This is a message from SmartThings", "Normal")

The code is available on my github: https://github.com/zpriddy


Let me know if anyone finds this useful. Thanks



This is interesting. I have a need for Pushover since I would like to get my ST notifications on my desktop Windows computer. PushBullet has the ability to mirror your iOS notifications to OSx clients, but not Windows clients yet. I am wondering if this is something @bravenel can integrate into Rule machine?


I too would like to see if @bravenel can integrate this into Rule Machine. I really like Pushover for it’s ability to customize sounds as well as notification priority levels. Thanks!

Rule Machine is gone.

This is probably a dumb question but where exactly do you enter the Pushover API key?

@zpriddy is this still functional? I don’t use pushover but I have people requesting it’s integration into the apps I wrote and I like how you made it so you only have to enter your pushover credentials once. Lemme know. I’d like to link folks to your pushover device type and then add that line of code to my apps to integrate with it.

I installed this pushover DTH a few days ago. In a couple of my own smartapps I added this in addition to the normal push notification thru the ST app.

The normal ST push notifications had become almost useless as they are not timely. Sometimes as much as 5 minutes after the event occured.

After several days of using both pushover and the st push notifications, the pushover is way, way, way, better. Notifications are almost instantaneous to within 5 seconds. The ST push notifications are way behind.

I’m not sure how this could be used with any of the SHM or other standard apps, but for my purposes using my own smartapps it works great.

Playing around with this a little. I added the capability ‘audioNotification’ which caused the pushover device to show up as a notification device. I then added the command ‘playText’ and a routine to just call the ‘sendMessage’ routine. I was thinking that might make it work as a standard notification device in other smartapps. Don’t know for sure. It would be easy enuf to add other commands that work in the same manner. I just don’t know which ones should be added.

My appologies to @zpriddy for messing with his DTH.

Just brilliant!

I have switched all my notifications (in webCore) to Pushover using your device handler! Thanks a lot!!


I have the same question. Dont see where or how get an api key from Pushover :frowning:


Well, that was easy :flushed: On the Pushover Home page of your account, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Create an Application/API Token”

This DTH works well for sending basic Pushover messages. Very easy to use with webcore. I would like to see the option to specify the notification sound and title of the message. I can do it by adding the options into the DTH but I can’t seem to customize them on a per message basis through webcore.