Push notifications coming for Alexa?

This sounds cool. Hope SmartThings can use this feature. @slagle :slight_smile:

https://www.theinformation.com/amazon-preps-push-notifications-for-alexa (may require a subscription)


If the native app doesn’t support it, I will attempt to get Ask Alexa to support it…


If Amazon does this it should work with ST since ST is already a skill in the Amazon Echo. The really interesting part of this is that Sonos just announced that they are opening their API and integrating with Amazon Echo. Now for those of us that have Sonos set up this voice notification feature would be really cool. Now if we can just get ST to turn on Bluetooth so we can work with ibeacons then notifications could be generated in the room you are in and not on all speakers.

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I know this is a long shot, but could this be why TTS is broken at the moment? I believe SmartThings use AWS for the TTS generation don’t they?


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My echo did something strange this morning…she said something before my wake up alarm sounded. I dont know what it was yet…i was kind of groggy, I’ll have to try and figure it out tomorrow morning if she does it again.

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Read story Here

Already thinking how I can get this set up in Ask Alexa…